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Verticals we Serve

TetherBox Technologies designs solutions for various water verticals that includes:

Treatment Plant Automation, Water Monitoring and Automation, Cooling Tower Automation, RO Automation and Monitoring

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The problems we tackle

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    Inefficient Labor

    Often occurs that plants have huge downtime not due to technical reasons but because of operator errors.

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    Data Discrepancy

    Data collected manually tends to have many errors and discrepancies which leads to improper running of the systems.

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    Lack of Analysis

    The amount of data monitored needs continuous analysis that can tell how was your system performing yesterday, how is it running today and how will it perform tomorrow.

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    Lack of Remote Access

    The need to have resources present 24/7 at the site requires higher investment.

Value for Money

Time and again our products have proved to be the best cost effective solutions available in the market. Solutions that come with the ease to install without the need of any additional equipment’s, our solutions support wireless sensors, and data analysis that is performed over the cloud platform. With the use of cloud, owners can not only access the current status and updates but also control the plant remotely.

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No matter what scale the business operates at, our tailor made solutions can fit in perfectly in any business without any overheads. Our experience in serving various industries helps us in understanding client requirements better. We analyze these requirements with a 360° approach, and provide what suits the given problem best.

Our Services

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