Cooling Tower


The Cooling Towers use monitoring with the help of sensors connected to each other that keep collecting data continuously. Using logic control driven sensors were limited to deciding only predefined variables in the system hence limiting the automation to just an Auto ON/OFF mechanism. Also the sensors laid out in a specific area were using wired connections that made the installation of the system to be much more complex and cumbersome to implement and run. Owing to a lot of dependencies in the system the plant failures due to minute errors became much more repetitive and difficult to maintain.


Wireless Sensor Intelligence:

Sensors are connected via wireless network collecting data and have intelligent inbuilt logic that gives sensors ability to take certain actions to run the tower.

Centralized Hub:

Group of sensors collectively are known as hubs that transfer data to nearest available hub making data transfer much more efficient.


Easy implementation in old cooling towers


Efficient data collection

Battery supported sensors for energy conservation

Lower cost of installation

Decreased failure and maintenance rates

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