Lake Monitoring


Ulsoor Lake faced the largest fish kill ever due to depletion of oxygen level in water body and formation of an algae cover over the lake. BOD for the lake water sample was found to be as high as 60 mg/l, this confirmed that the water entering the lake is closer in nature to sewage. Due to lack of facilities to treat raw sewage entering the lake from nearby Sewage Treatment Plants and lack of data to identify the right amount of nitrogen and phosphorous that can be discharged from a treatment plant to control the formation of pollutants in the lake.


Our team started the pilot testing in June 2016. With the use of Elemento Aqua we were able to gather the water quality readings and using Big Data, conduct a pre and post analysis of the pilot region. With enough data points and technology, the lake was breathing once again. There was a huge leap in the amount of oxygen per liter of lake water going from less than 1 milligram up to more than 4 milligrams and visible reduction in algae cover.


Our product is implemented at various lakes and treatment plants, helping owners of the industries, and residential projects to get insights on the ways to treat their discharges and provides the information of pollutant levels at particular time of the day so that they can even relook a few practices internally to reduce treatment costs.

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