Water Quality Monitoring


An Oil and Gas company runs treatment plants at different levels, one of the treatment plant is used to treat water and separate oil and water. The area is usually submerged in water and this results in frequent choking of valves and sensors that are used to control inflow and outflow of the plant.

These manual valves required more resources operating them, due to lack of level sensors the operators would not know the accurate timing to turn them ON and OFF which resulted in presence of oil in treated water even after the treatment.


We provided a solution that was implemented on existing system for the treatment plant. Our solution was to completely automate the valves, fix the level sensors and according to the current level of the tanks turn the valves ON and OFF. With the help of automation there were no choking issues detected and the need to allocate additional operators was eliminated.

The sensors collected data such as pH, ORP and DO in the plant and sensors data analytics in the treated water helped in separation of oil from the water completely. The water quality was as per requirement to send it to the reservoir. These level sensors also send data to cloud which helps the company monitor the plants regularly.


Automation of the valves helped in precise operation

Level Sensors collected data for quality treatment of water

Need of manpower for operating the valves was reduced

Regular monitoring for maintaining the optimum results

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