How two Bengaluru-based techies are infusing life into the city's distressed lakes

Bengaluru’s lakes often make news and not for the right reasons. Sometimes they catch fire, sometimes they house toxic foam and other times, display disturbing fish kill. But two city-based techies have come up with Elemento Aqua, a floatation device which, apart from identifying if contaminants are going into the water untreated, also monitors the oxygen levels in the lake.

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Meet the heroes who are saving Bengaluru’s lakes

Safeer Usman and Gopinath Anandan, who were classmates at SRM University in Chennai, were always passionate about innovation. This led them to be a part of their Formula racing team in college. In spite of sharing this passion, they went their separate ways after college. Safeer took up a business course in Imperial College London, while Gopinath started a venture in the electronics and hardware development space. But the need to start up brought the duo back together in 2014. However, their opportunity to start up came in as a surprise.

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'Minion' buoys to city lakes' rescue

BENGALURU: Twenty-five-year-olds have come to the rescue of city's highly-polluted lakes. The foaming and sporadic eruption of fire in Bellandur lake, the deaths of fishes in Hebbal and Ulsoor lakes and the festering stench from the Vrishabhavathi River are a result of industrial wastes and public neglect according to Safeer Usman, 25, co-founder and CEO at Tetherbox Technologies, a startup that aims to reduce lake pollution.

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