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Our belief in Measure, Analyze and Act is what makes our products stand out. Data plays a key role in running any business and our products utilize Big Data in order to derive important aspects to run your systems efficiently.

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RO Aqua

RO-Aqua integrates powerful hardware and cloud-based tools to bring about a flexible solution to manage any Reverse Osmosis Process. We provide you with a complete kit that includes RO-Controller, Dispensing Unit and a Portable Handheld Device for recharging the RFID cards.

We leverage the power of internet to monitor and analyze the core problems inherent in RO plants and suggest solutions to our esteemed clients. We use Big-Data Technologies to critically analyze the bottlenecks of the plant and generate automated insights on solving them.

Elemento Aqua

Elemento Aqua integrates powerful hardware and cloud-based tools to bring about a flexible solution. It tackles inherent problems such as high running costs that are common across the water treatment industry.

Elemento Aqua leverages the power of the internet to monitor and analyse the core of such problems and suggests solutions to our esteemed clients.

How it works

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RO-Aqua helps you dynamically alter your resources based on your need

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Co-relates the water supplied by RO plant and the corresponding revenue generated

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Actionable Insights

At the end of every month, Insight Engine sends a report that directs you to inefficiencies in your plant.

Easily control your plant with the help of our Dashboards

Our solutions let you access your system anytime, anywhere in the world, now you can not only access but also control system processes, lock your system in case of breach or shutdown the system when it not in use.

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